Deal with Aedes to reduce dengue

11 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Every year the number of patients getting infected with dengue and the severity of the cases are both increasing alarmingly. The mosquito borne disease can be fatal in case of delayed diagnosis or wrong treatment. The manner in which we are handling the disease is also contributing to its spread each year. Come monsoon, the disease seems to catch us unaware every time, although it is occurring every year. Instead of being surprised every year, we should be prepared to meet the monsoon related diseases like dengue, malaria and diarrhoea head on to defeat them by pre-emptively striking their breeding grounds

As a pre-emptive step, each year before the monsoon season arrives we must clear the surroundings of debris and broken stuffs – the main breeding grounds as rain water accumulates. This will help to eliminate Aedes breeding grounds reducing the number of this culprit mosquito. Anything that can hold rainwater is a potential breeding ground of the Aedes mosquito. If we religiously continue to follow this drill every year, even throughout the year, then the number of Aedes mosquito will decrease and one day the country will be free of dengue or such other diseases.

Due to our inherent resilience, which is part of our natural instinct to fight and survive against all odds with a smile on our face, we have a tendency to forget bad experiences and memories within a short time. This has served us well for thousands of years of evolution. But it is time to evolve beyond the boundaries of this feel good factor. The world of today is so interconnected and interdependent that diseases and maladies travel crossing all manmade boundaries. Dengue is also one such disease which arrived from some distant shores, and therefore we should be more prompt in dealing with diseases instead of following traditional laid back methods. 

Countries must confer with each other to contain spread of fatal diseases and find ways to fight them together. Living in the global village means we must learn from the experiences of other countries that have been dealing with the disease years before it entered our homeland.