Tips and tricks for trips with kids

Jainab Tabassum Banu Sonali

2 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Tips and tricks for trips with kids

Traveling is a physical movement from one place to another. Your soul can go on a tour while reading a great piece of literature. Reading books will offer your soul a delightful break from the conventional and traditional thought process. However, your flesh also needs a break from the busy and monotonous scheduled life. Traveling sets your soul free. It boosts up your energy level and adds an extra dimension to your personality. Above all, traveling gifts you a few precious memories which you will always relish and manifest in future. For this reason, you look for an opportunity to visit exotic places either alone or in a group. Human beings are the production of nature. This is why, people dwelling in cities and towns yearn for visiting natural places like forests, sea, mountains and historical places. Wherever you make your trip, you must keep in mind that the preparations are never the same. When you go alone, you are all by yourself. But when you take your family, specially your kids with you, you really need to take a special kind of preparation. So, here I am sharing a few tips and tricks for the trips which you may make with your kids.

Some people think that children are very sensitive creatures. They are right. Children must be dealt with delicate tenderness. But this is also true that children are the most adaptable creatures. So, the tour loving parents may rear up their children in such a way that their children will not find it difficult to adjust to new places and foods. If you want to go on a tour with your kids, first you may need to raise them up in such manner. For example, it is always better to eat local in a trip. The natural exotic places are situated mostly in rural and remote areas. Now, where would you find your favourite continental or Chinese or Italian cuisines? Your mind along with your stomach must get ready to eat the local savory items. So, help your children to grow a habit of eating all kinds of hygienic food. Nowadays, children prefer chicken to fish and vegetables. What will you do if you find no chicken curry in the nearby restaurants at the place you visit? Or what can you do if you see the chicken curry seems too spicy for your little ones to eat? This is why, train your kids to get used to with other food items. Teach them Darwinian philosophy of survival. I guarantee, this will reduce a lot of stress and tension.

You also need to work on the ground of your children's verbal and nonverbal communication. Teach them how to behave among people of all ages and classes. Some children from wealthy families do not even acknowledge the natives when they go on a family tour. When they demean and degrade the culture of rural people, remember, they eventually degrade your honour. So, train your children not to non-verbally make any gesture which may disrespect the natives. If you do not show respect to them, they will not cooperate with you. Always keep in mind that you must need the cooperation of the local people to have a successful trip. Another very important thing is to communicate with the locals in Bangla. Specially when you visit a historical place like Moynamati, Bhasu Bihaar or Kantojeer temple, it's better your children do not show off their postmodern attitude by deliberately speaking in English. When you visit the roots, you should remain rooted. If you remain rooted, the roots and the land will support you strongly.


The aforementioned points are the basic preparation for making a trip. Now, when you and your kids are ready to go on a tour, plan it and get ready. When I took my eldest child to Cox's Bazar for the first time, he was only nine months old. I and my husband planned to see and show the sea to our son. While planning, I made a to-do list and a to-have list. Since I fed my son whatever we ate, I was not that concerned with his food. He was an exclusively breastfed baby. For this reason, I did not face any trouble with his feedings. I even breastfed him while sitting in the beach and seeing the beautiful sea. My husband covered me. And I covered myself with my "orna". All I needed was a bottle of fresh drinking water which I carried inside my bag. I bought bananas, bread and water bottle to initially survive.

While going on a tour with your toddler, make sure you have a few necessary things in your bag. Keep a clean towel. Although most of the hotels provide towels and soaps, it is always better to have your own backup towel. The sands and dusty wind will not let your hotel's towel remain clean for long. Keep a tube of sun-protection cream inside your bag. Apply it on your face and the face of your little one too before going out for exploring the site. Buy important medicines to prevent sudden headache, acidity and scars. Always keep a water bottle with you. If your kid is not used to eating local food, choose a hotel or resort where you can get cooking facilities. Then you can cook your baby's food separately. And make sure your baby never goes out of your sight at any cost.

Traveling is a fun. It lets you discover the world around you. In this way, you discover your own self. Traveling with your kids is more fun and challenging too. If you take this challenge positively, your children will surely get benefited. These early childhood memories may vanish away. But these will always remain in the back of their minds. Your children may not remember everything, but the memories will certainly work to make their personalities stronger. So, go on a trip with your kids by following a few simple tips and tricks.


The writer is a Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, Premier University Chattogram.