Uncertainty grips Sudan weeks after Bashir’s ouster

24 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

KHARTOUM: Weeks after the army ousted veteran leader Omar al-Bashir, Sudan is gripped by uncertainty as talks between the military rulers and protesters on the transition to civilian rule remain deadlocked, reports AFP.

Protest leaders have said that preparations are under way for a “general strike and civil disobedience” to pressure the generals to cede power, after the latest round of talks fell through with no agreement.

Thousands of protesters have remained camped around-the-clock outside the army headquarters in Khartoum clamouring for civilian rule since Bashir’s ouster on April 11.

Although their determination has not waned, they have been unable to reach a deal with the military despite three rounds of talks on forming a new governing body that would replace the generals. The latest round broke up early Tuesday but neither side has said when the talks will resume.

There are three forces at play: the ruling military council, the protest umbrella group Alliance for Freedom and Change and the demonstrators themselves.

According to prominent Sudanese journalist Khalid al-Tijani, the military council is determined to “have a role because it considers itself a key partner in change”.

The Alliance, he said, “is divided over the role the generals should play” in a future government.