Fire safety rules ignored by many in city

Mahabub Alam

5 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Many commercial establishments and educational institutions in the capital have not yet met the requirements of fire safety conditions as directed by the Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) authorities in 2017.

FSCD Senior Station Officer (media) Kharshed Anwar said they gave them a 90-day time to meet the fire safety requirements in 2017.

The FSCD, in collaboration with other authorities, conducted mobile courts against many of the establishments and found non-compliance of the direction, Kharshed Anwar said.

The FSCD conducted its first inspection at 3,786 houses between January 12 and January 26 in 2017.

During this time it found a total of 3,656 very risky and risky while 129 houses were found with satisfactory fire safety measures.

Of the very risky 1,069 establishments, 541 were shopping malls, 94 educational institutions, 173 banks, 173 hospitals and clinics, 70 residential hotels and 18 were media houses.

Of the risky 2,588 establishments, 687 were shopping malls, 924 educational institutions, 474 banks, 249 hospitals and clinics, 248 residential hotels and six were media houses.

The FSCD conducted its second inspection from October 26 to November 12 of the same year.

This time it found 1,066 establishments very risky. Of them, 622 were shopping malls, 295 schools, colleges and universities, three banks, 105 hospitals and clinics, 21 residential hotels and 20 media houses.

Among the 2,583 risky structures, 678 were shopping malls, 766 educational institutions, 523 banks, 311 hospitals and clinics, and 305 residential hotels.

The fire safety measures were seen satisfactory only in 85 structures.

Of those, five were shopping malls, 13 educational institutions, 50 banks, seven hospitals and clinics and 10 residential hotels.

Bangabazar Complex, a tin-shed market at Fulbaria in the city, is one of the very risky shopping malls, said an officer seeking anonymity.

On April 2 this year, the FSCD also declared the market extremely risky and thereafter hung a notice in front of it.

But the market authorities are yet to take sufficient fire safety measures to comply with the direction, FSCD sources said.

When contacted, Dulal Ahmed Khan, law affairs secretary of Bangabazar Market Business Association, told this correspondent that they have already met all the requirements to ensure fire safety in the market.

“We were asked to keep 60 fire extinguishers in the market but we have arranged 100 extinguishers,” the law secretary of the market said.

“We are also going to arrange water supply facility so that the firefighters can get sufficient water to douse fire in any emergency situation,” he also said.