Strengthen ADP project monitoring

13 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Slow pace of Annual Development Programme (ADP) implementation in the initial phase of a fiscal year and a large sum of the development fund remaining unutilised at the end of the fiscal is an old story. It is disheartening that despite repeated call from the World Bank, other lenders and local analysts, the ADP implementation system didn’t improve. According to a report, out of 1,740 ADP projects in last fiscal year progress of 237 was not satisfactory at all.

Allegation has it that procrastination of the authorities concerned is mainly responsible for slow pace in ADP implementation. A section of corrupt officials in different ministries allegedly enjoy a feast on public purse at the cost of national development by misappropriating funds. Besides, there are flaws in project designing and execution levels which cause the delay.

Therefore, close monitoring is needed to ensure completion of all project components within approved deadline. It will also help maintaining quality of the projects. In this light a project watchdog of the World Bank rightly pointed out that timely completion of ADP projects and their costs largely hinge on close monitoring of their execution activities.

In a time when the country’s economy is booming and private sector is growing from strength to strength, a lackadaisical approach to ADP implementation is not acceptable. By streamlining the project implementation the government should further accelerate our economic growth. If the ADP is implemented properly, it will not only usher in economic growth but also generate employment opportunities for thousands. On the other hand, low project implementation rate often leads donors to withdraw funds they committed. Thus, the poor execution of the ADP always leaves a negative impact on overall growth of the economy.

So, ways must be found at the earliest to gear up the ADP implementation. To that end, corruption, fraud and misappropriation of the development fund should be stopped in no time. The government can fulfil the pledges it made only by quickening the process of ADP implementation, which will also hold it in the good stead in long term.