Resource that we value the least

13 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The World Water Day is observed in the country as elsewhere across the globe with the aim of making people aware of the need for preserving sources of water and making optimum use of them. But clearly the significance of observing the day has missed the target in our case.

How serious we are about water, the most fundamental element of life on earth, can be guessed from the fact that we use rivers for dumping wastes of all varieties ranging from kitchen wastes to chemicals from industries and even human excreta. This can only mean that our conception about water and its essentiality is totally wrong. We are completely unaware about the necessity of preserving water and its sources.

One of the reasons behind this poor mindset is that we are gifted with rivers and other sources of sweet water without asking for the same and making no effort to gain them. Source of water per unit area of the country is the highest in the world.

For obvious reasons, people in deserts and barren mountain regions know the value of water and rivers, but we do not. If we had developed proper idea about water bodies, the rivers around the capital and that flowing by the port city of Chattogram would not have been turned virtually into big drains of dirty and toxic water.

Though Bangladesh is a resource-constraint country but the resource we possess more than any other country of the world is sweet water. Every conscious citizen is supposed to take pride in this great possession and make its best possible use. It is expected that we take utmost care of water resources but to us rivers and other water bodies are merely dumping grounds of wastes and objects of encroachment. Our sense of responsibility as regards rivers is so poor and pathetic that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself had to advise us not to dump wastes into rivers. We should be ashamed of our failure to value these most precious resources.