Maintenance a must for elevators

10 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Use of elevators has sharply increased with the mushrooming of high-rise building. This demands proper maintenance of the elevators both in commercial and residential buildings. Media reports have it that elevators in multistoried buildings have, literally, turned into death traps, thanks to the serious lack of regular maintenance of the mechanical devices.

 It is pertinent to mention that at least 14 people including lawyers and judges were injured when a lift of old building of Dhaka District and Sessions Judge Court collapsed on March 7. Thank God there were no casualties.

 Although it was reported that the accident took place due to overloading of the elevator, but as per frequent users, the complain about the poor condition of the elevator left unheeded for long. It is quite clear that the culprit was its appalling condition mainly due to lack of routine check and maintenance.

 Elevator accidents in major cities are reported but many elsewhere remains unreported.

As per a recent survey, a significant percentage of the high-rises in the country have been constructed without following fire and earthquake safety codes. It is obvious in this situation that elevator safety remains a neglected. So, a common public perception is growing that lifts or elevators seem to have become more prone to accidents than ever before.

 According to experts, monthly maintenance and thorough inspection by qualified technicians every six months are essential for safety. But these are seldom done. Consequently, hundreds of people live in fear and that cannot be allowed. Act now is the call of the hour.