Outsiders rule DU SM Hall

400 students forced to stay on veranda due to seat crisis; victims seek immediate steps

2 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Residential students of Dhaka University's SM Hall demonstrated on early Monday against outsiders staying at the dormitory, reports UNB.

They demanded that outsiders and non-students vacate the hall immediately.

More than 400 students are forced to stay at the hall's veranda because of acute seat shortage.

SM Hall authorities later ordered outsiders to leave immediately, and gave non-students, whose studies had been completed, three days to move out.

So far, 132 outsiders left the hall.

Several demonstrators said the protests started shortly after the nor'wester hit in the evening and their books and beds got drenched.

Agitated students gathered in the TV room and shouted slogans against outsiders and demanded they be given seats.

Hall Provost Professor Mahbubul Alam acknowledged that accommodation was a big problem. "Students suffer in rain and winter. We're working to solve this issue," he said.

"We've already vacated a number of seats and are taking steps to distribute them among legal students," he said. Top leaders of Dhaka University Students' Union also promised to meet the address the students' demand.