Resolve internal issues peacefully

1 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Even a football or cricket match cannot be won by the team whose players pay no heed to the captain’s strategy to win the game. Similarly, in politics a political party cannot win if its members flout the clear directives of the senior party leaders regarding election strategy of the party as manifested by the outcomes in the ongoing phase-wise upazilla chairman elections. The election results are disastrous for AL in some districts as candidates selected by the party faced opposition from local leaders.       

After winning elections for three consecutive terms in the national polls, the ruling party has emerged as the single-most undisputed political party in the country. With insignificant or non-existent opposition in the political arena, the ruling party is faced with enormous challenges to ensure party interest is kept above personal interest.

In the present scenario with the ruling party having undisputed supremacy in the national and international leadership of Bangladesh, fresh indoctrination of party members, workers and leaders, from the grassroots upwards is required. They now need to turn their attention away from vanquishing the opposition, which is a mission well- accomplished, to futuristic goals of creating a beautiful Bangladesh free from poverty, corruption and mismanagement.

Towards that end the party members should have faith in the leadership to steer them and the country towards a brighter future. It is clearly demonstrated that the junior and grassroot workers need to be motivated to focus on fresh national goals for the future. Once they have some idea of the bigger picture of the futuristic goal of a prosperous and developed country, they can feel proud.

The party that could lead the country successfully to achieve the impossible dream of an independent Bangladesh, should not falter due to internal friction after overcoming monumental barriers to progress. We hope that the discords will soon be resolved as it hampers the much sought-after peaceful political process. If left unaddressed, it can take a more serious turn that is not only damaging for the party but also for the country.