Fire: Let’s not ignore sabotage

1 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The chain of tormenting incidents of fire bogs our minds.  We are worried about the possibility of more such disasters like Churihatta or FR Tower. We are panic-stricken. Most buildings, especially the high-rises, seriously lack fire safety standards and thus those working in high-rise buildings are in fear.

Only the major incidents get good coverage or attention. Some investigations just fizzle out half-way through or are never made public.

According to available statistics the exact cause of fire of at least 1,411 fire incidents across Bangladesh is yet to be identified.

Surely, this reveals the weaknesses in our fire safety standard.

 Whether there is any man-made reason behind the recent fire incidents remains to be investigated. Let us not rule out the possibility of sabotage.

According to a report published in this newspaper yesterday, the mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation has directed the Fire Service and Civil Defence authorities on Saturday to investigate and ascertain whether the recent fire incidents were acts of sabotage or not. This is a very relevant and logical order.

 We cannot rule out the act of sabotage where there is a conflict of interest among two groups of people.  We cannot stand out the deliberate act of sabotage behind the fire incidents in Churihatra, FR Tower and DCC market. Most residents of old Dhaka and owners of chemical warehouses were divided on the relocation of the chemical warehouses. Media reports highlighted the conflict between the owner of FR Tower and one of its tenants who is also an influential businessman. And the traders of the DCC market were divided on constructing a multi-storeyed building in its place and shift the market there.

 It is now time to find out everything behind these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice. The results of the investigation must be made public which will help ease the life of those who have to work in high-rises.