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Taka drops against major currencies

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19 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Taka drops against major currencies

The local currency Taka dropped against the Euro, the UK pound and the dollar, and it remained unchanged against the Indian Rupee in the inter-bank money market on Monday. The euro was traded between Tk 95.08 and Tk 97.02 on Monday against Tk 94.58 and Tk 96.51 on Wednesday. The UK pound was traded between Tk 110.82 and Tk 112.69 on Monday against Tk 109.02 and Tk 110.86 on Wednesday. The US dollar was traded between Tk 83.55 and Tk 84.25 on Monday against Tk 83.50 and Tk 84.20 on Wednesday. The Indian Rupee was traded between Tk 1.16 and Tk 1.24 on the day.