Japan to assist in creating technological experts

RU Correspondent

6 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

RAJSHAHI: Japan wants to provide any technical assistance to build world-class technological experts in different public and private universities of the Bangladesh.

In this circumstance, Japan International Development Agency (JICA) has promised to provide its fullest cooperation.

As part of the initial initiative of technological support a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has signed between Halo Technologies, a Japanese technology company and Electrical and Electrical Engineering (EEE) Department of RU on Monday.

In a views-exchange, Mirsumasa Tsutsui, Chief Operating Officer of Halo told the newsmen on a discussion meeting held at a hotel in the city that Halo is interested in making skilled IT in Bangladesh for the industry. That’s why, Halo wants to help the students in the department of BD‘s universities to develop their skilled and knowledge for the development of education and research about electronic technology. Tsutsui again said, many universities of BD are taught about EEE discipline. But the study on electric chips design particularly analog circuit design is not sufficient for the world-class electronic industry. Therefore, we will make them technical and academic support through the competent consulting and training whose universities are interested.

Former students of RU software engineer Asraful Islam and accounting and information science student Touhidul Islam inspired me to help them as we have has manpower crisis and Bangladesh needs employment, he added.