No more harassment of innocent people

6 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

While addressing on the occasion of Police Week 2019, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid emphasis on tackling harassment of innocents by dishonest police officials. Allegations are rife that a section of police officials resort to unlawful and immoral conducts as a means to realise undue advantage over the dutiful profession. A pro-people police force can serve the country best and help it to develop fast. Harassment by dishonest and unprofessional police officials is against the spirit of the crime-busting agencies to be pro-people.

Some police officials misuse the stop and search command. They allegedly detain innocent people and send them to jail without proper verification whether they are involved in any crime or not. In many cases, they ask for money by threatening the detainees to file a complaint in case they do not pay. Those who are not able to pay serve jail terms until they are not proved innocent through the lengthy process of justice.

The crime-busting agencies have the duty to carry out investigations within the code of conduct and the code of ethics against anybody to see whether they have any criminal record or not. Driven by ill-motives of earning money through intimidation, some police officials carry out searches without a warrant or having any lawful authority to do so.

Sometimes the dishonest members of law enforcing agencies favour individuals or groups in exchange for money through falsification and spoliation of evidence, witness tampering and coerced false confession. These are some among the worst forms of harassments which make one, especially those who have no criminal record, feel targeted, frightened and distressed.

Harassment by police officials leads to a miscarriage of and obstruction to justice. As a result, many lose a vital period of their life without committing any crime. Also, many criminals manage to slip through the gap of the law. Harassment by police is a crime which creates a negative image of the crime-busters in society and helps deteriorate law and order to defame the country.

The premier urged the police to be careful so that no innocent person is harassed. For ensuring this, the law enforcement agencies should be made accountable for their actions.