Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Compost fertiliser boon for winter veg farmers in Bogura

Compost fertiliser boon for winter veg farmers in Bogura

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BOGURA: Compost fertiliser has brought boon for winter vegetable farmers from last few years in Bogura district as the chemical fertiliser is beyond capacity to purchase for the crops. Main feature of compost fertiliser is cow dung. But, vermin-compost fertiliser is gaining momentum across the region gradually due to its easy production method.

Some farmers in the district are using cow dung to produce compost fertiliser, which is excellent manure that increases fertility of the soil, instead of using it to make fuel sticks.

“I use cow dung properly to produce compost fertiliser for my 34 decimal of winter vegetable this season spending Tk only 2400,” said farmer Munirul Islam under Kahaloo upazila. He further said, “along with I good number farmers in the village also produce compost fertiliser instead of fuel sticks with cow dung.”

While visiting the correspondent found the peasants are producing compost fertiliser by rotting cow dung and waste in a hole in the ground. Compost fertiliser is making the soil fertile, which helps in producing high yield.

Farmer should try to avoid using chemical fertiliser both in paddy and vegetable farm simultaneously, said sub-assistance agriculture officer Faridur Rahman. Farmers produce fuel sticks with cow dung as they do not know that cow dung is a natural resource to make the soil fertile for a long time, he added.

DAE official said around sixty percent farmers are unaware of the advantages of using cow dung for producing compost fertiliser but the rest forty percent use cow dung properly. Cow dung is an element for producing fertiliser to keep the soil fertile, DAE also said.