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Asiatic Society Heritage museum opens for public today

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  • 4 January, 2019 12:00 AM
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Asiatic Society Heritage museum opens for public today

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Extending the opportunity to discover 200-year-old culture and heritage of Dhaka, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh is going to open its heritage museum at Nimtali of the Old Town for public visit today.

Earlier, the organisation opened the heritage museum for its members on Thursday.

The museum has been renovated and newly decorated to attract visitors.

The work of renovation continued from 2009 to 2011.

According to the curator of the museum Jahangir Hussain, it was established 250 years ago at the cost of 1.50 crore taka. 

The museum, also known as Nimtali Gate, was a part of the Nimtali Palace built by the East India Company for the Nayeb Nazim’s family of Dhaka in 1765-66. Jahangir informed that the main part of the palace had collapsed due to lack of preservation work.

Officials said, the museum now reserves and displays 80 artifacts of 15 aristocratic families of the Old Town including the utensils, knives, dishes, plates, jewellery box, muslin cloth, kettles, deer antlers, cash box, jar, copper and silver coins, which were used by the people during the Mughal and British rule.

The attractive sight of the museum is Diorama — a scene with three-dimensional figures that depicts the Nayeb sitting on his chair attended by two assistants in his court.

Officials also said that the museum will be open for visitors on Friday and Saturday from 10:30am to 4:30pm with a one-hour break beginning from 1:00pm on Friday.

The entry fee is Tk 20 for the commoners, Tk 10 for students and Tk 200 for foreign visitors.

Cultural affairs ministry financed the works as part of the 400 years celebration activities of Mughal Dhaka.