Clinics must comply with HC directives | 2018-11-04

Clinics must comply with HC directives

4 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Particular tests carried out by the country's hundreds of private diagnostic centres cannot be of diverse features; these tasks are precisely defined. How the cost of a medical test can differ among diagnostic centres? There is no way to be so. That different diagnostic centres have different fee structures is a sign of widespread irregularities that many of the so-called diagnostic centres are indulged in. The High Court has come up with an order to ensure that diagnostic centres display a price chart of tests.

But, it is a matter of irony that among so many irregularities of a section of diagnostic labs, hospitals and clinics – order of the Apex court has remained largely unheeded for long. Non-compliance with this directive allows medical institutions to put any price tag on diagnostic tests. There is no doubt that this has left the service seekers to the whims of those who want to play foul cashing in on the helplessness of patients and their relatives.

The absence of standardisation of medical services and their costs is a big weakness in the country's healthcare sector. Fake diagnostic centres have mushroomed across the country cashing in on this limitation. They are engaged in making money by deceiving patients and their relatives in the name of providing them with diagnostic tests. This unfair practice continues to do harm to the economy as well as the country's healthcare sector. 

A significant number of people fall in great hardship due to the loss of a huge amount of money in the treatment of diseases. Charging of exorbitant fees of treatment including the cost of diagnostic services is a major cause why especially a large number of poor people slip to the lower socio-economic status. Thus, the burden of deception by fake diagnostic centres is huge in the country's economy.

Those who are assigned with the task of monitoring functions of diagnostic centres are allegedly engaged in corruption and otherwise, avoid their tasks for the benefit of the so-called medical service providers. It is the need of the hour to take pragmatic steps for ensuring that diagnostic centres comply with rules and regulations.