Police must gain people’s trust

11 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed the police for gaining trust and confidence of the people. Anybody will acknowledge the fact that the police are yet to be friend of the people to earn their trust in the truest sense of the term. We, however, know that the police, except for few bad apples from within the force, are honest and working tirelessly for the people.

The police have been going through some professional amelioration to enhance capacity building and improve the quality of service delivery because of the initiatives taken by the Premier. Digitalisation of services and introduction of the toll-free emergency number for police assistance are among many measures taken to bring the services of police nearer to people.

However, dishonest police officials continue to be engaged in extortion, bribery and intimidation in large numbers to earn money illegally. Involvement of a section of police personnel in such criminal activities has been passing wrong messages to the people. As a result, a sense of fear of and non-confidence in the police is spreading roots in society.

The police force is dedicated to protecting our lives and properties and for this, they face many odds and dangers. Some policemen were awarded for their bravery and professionalism this year, but their contribution to society is overshadowed by the involvement of the dishonest members in criminal activities.

As we know, getting the services of police is the constitutional right of people. And the police are there to ensure a secure and safer Bangladesh where the rights of people including the vulnerable are protected. However, crimes by the disciplined force continue to portrait a negative image of them in society. And this has been making difficult to take their services to people.

The police force must restore its image by addressing the issues of involvement of those within its ranks that commit any type of crimes. Above all, accountability should be strictly maintained in the force to ensure their optimum service delivery.