City or bus-truck terminal! | 2018-01-09 |

City or bus-truck terminal!

9 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Authorities set up three bus terminals and some truck stands in the city with the sole purpose of streamlining inter district transport services. However, the initiative has obviously lost its purpose: Arrivals and departures of buses and trucks are no longer restricted to the designated areas; one-third of the city space has now become bus terminals or truck stands. There is hardly any place in the greater city where transport offices have not been set up and long haul vehicles are not parked. As if, inter district transport owners are taking their services to people’s doorsteps. We could have welcomed the initiative had it not been the case that their efforts to collect passengers from almost every nook and cranny of the city only contribute to worsening the already unbearable traffic situation.

The same is the case with trucks. These goods carrying vehicles are parked everywhere in a haphazard manner. In certain areas, the entire road spaces have been occupied only to use for parking. Allegations are there that some influential people are ‘leasing out’ roads to truck owners in exchange of handsome money.

Private car owners also deny lagging behind in the competition of grabbing roads for parking. Road spaces beside an office, business house or shopping mall are crowded with idle vehicles. The tendency has assumed such an annoying proportion that illegal parking of vehicles of all sorts occupies as much as 30 percent of the roads and seriously disrupts traffic movement.

Authorities have either failed to take note of the hassle or are simply reluctant to take action. What is even more disturbing is that they are not clear as to whose duty it is to remove illegal parking. Dhaka Metropolitan Police and City Corporations show strong tendencies of denying their responsibilities in this regard. They think that they have nothing to do with illegal parking. This only means that the city streets are not going to be freed from illegal parking within foreseeable future.