Education Disaster Prevention: Our Responsibilities

Shammy Akter

9 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Education Disaster Prevention: Our Responsibilities

Shammy Akter

Education is the only imperishable and non-decaying asset of a person but sadly nowadays even this has begun to be deteriorated by some culprits! A forecasting of education disaster! Parents are in an illusion to grab and share the golden goose of leaked papers with near and distant ones! The most horrible and worrying matter is question leak, especially at PSC exam. At the very beginning of educational life students are being pushed to learn about cheating and deceiving with themselves. Surprisingly, parents are openly accepting offers of leaked question papers to uphold their social status. They want gold by any means whether it is by genuine efforts or by ill measures. We are all in a race to win! Can’t understand the necessity of such a marathon at such a tender age! Why are we bending the backbone of our children at the prime age of formation of moral values and strengthening of character? Considering all these aspects the PSC exam should be abolished to save our children from the ill effects of the dirty distorted culture and race for higher grades. Sometimes JSC certificate may be needed for some lower level jobs. But there is no necessity of the PSC exam certificate.

Do we consider our primary school teachers undependable and unfaithful? But then the question arises as to who are ultimately evaluating the answer sheets? Obviously those same primary school teachers! The difference being that the answer sheets are exchanged among schools. Isn’t it? Then why is this provision for an exam at this level? We should be putting emphasis on improving quality of the teachers and proactive, education loving directory cum advisory body instead of this exam game. The budgets allocated for the PSC exam should be used for the improvement of teachers and educational facilities. This will bring more effective outcomes than the hide and seek of question answer game!

There is a saying that morning shows the day, likewise such early learning and achievement through illegal measures will make the students used to malpractices in later life (vicious cycle of malpractice). In fact, if we bear and nourish such malpractice with family support then who will restrain the students in the future? Unknowingly we may consume germ but knowingly we must not feed germs to kids. Alarmingly question leak is happening nowadays in all tiers of education. Adulteration in education will affect the whole nation, as in the long run educationists are the main shapers of a nation. Mishaps are very probable, whole system will be adulterated by so called “GOLDEN” students. We don’t want Gold and Bronze students only but pure, honest, sincere and sensible future citizens. If one wants to bend and weaken the backbone of a nation, it is enough just to pollute and collapse its education system. We should all be vigilant against such enemies of the nation to save our children and the future of our nation.

Not only PSC exam but also other exam questions (university admission test, job recruiting exams) are being revealed to students before evaluation! I think we need to re-evaluate and then revise our education and evaluation systems in all tiers with a fresh approach. Special attention is needed to review the existing job recruitment systems. Moreover, students must be morally highly motivated by family, teachers and by all concerned persons. Additionally, family also needs motivation to continue on a moral path in children’s education. Age limit is a crucial factor for which students and their family want to grab a job by any means within this time boundary; age 30 years! This deadline sometimes pushes students to wrong deeds when they fail to get a job within the stipulated timeframe. All certificates appear valueless after the time! Seems very unfair!

Generally students are stuck with coaching or tutor or burdened with junk syllabus! Time has come to cut the wastage from academic curriculum to give students some innovative time and brain storming space. An education system lacking in variety is non-lively. It is desirable that students should occupy themselves with various social and volunteering activities too. This will equip them for their future with good leadership skills, communication skills, team spirit, etc. When such students will emerge as entrepreneur or present themselves to the hiring place, they will catch the attention of recruiters by their talents. Generally, when employers sort and scrutinize CVs, they actually sort out and list the types of academic social responsibilities (ASR) which the applicants have participated in their academic life. These are the indications and reflections of the speed and spirit of the students. These ultimately carry the image of someone’s social responsibilities, liabilities, commitments, moral responsibilities, etc. Such activities will be the mirror through which we will see their future shape up.

We know that in public institutions, there is contribution of common mass people through taxation to government. When students get admitted in public universities, from the very beginning we should plant the seed of thinking in them through orientation and counselling that along with their family, the mass people are also investing in them. So, they should not betray with the people and the nation and should undertake Academic Social Responsibilities (ASR). Social responsibility should play a central role in universities, as they are considered responsible for educating future leaders and channelling social forces to contribute to the common good. ASR is defined as ‘the need to strengthen public commitment and active citizenship; it is about volunteering, about an ethical approach, developing a sense of civil citizenship by encouraging the students and the academic staffs to provide social services to their local community or to promote ecological, environmental commitment for local and global sustainable development’. University is to educate their graduates in the spirit of the humanistic values, and a sustainable, conceptualized social responsibility. University graduates become future employees in both public and private companies. If ASR is not properly practiced in academic life, then when these graduates will hold the key chairs then they will be less committed and dedicated to the nation and may not be as sincere in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as desirable. CSR is the commitment of an organization to contribute to the sustainable development of its employees, local community and global society. CSR is a company’s moral responsibility for social welfare.

Finally, in the long run students should serve the allied sectors for which they have been selected. Otherwise it’ll be a betrayal with the nation and wastage of all the economic, social and national wealth that has been invested in them. In this regard, along with the government, all public and private organizations and companies should be specified to absorb right people in right place through revision and job creation. In time by this practice nation will be prosperous.


The writer is an Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology, Islamic University, Kushtia. Email: [email protected]