Army for disciplined relief activities

25 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh has been hailed worldwide for opening its doors to the worst persecuted minority in the globe despite many constraints. And members of Bangladesh Army started relief distribution and rehabilitation activities for Rohingyas on Saturday. Since August 25, they have been coming to Bangladesh in large numbers by crossing the Naf River. They are now scattered at different camps and areas in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar.

More than four hundred thousand Rohingyas desperately entered the country to save their lives after the fresh spate of violence triggered by the government forces of Myanmar. Most of the refugees are in single clothe, and bare-handed, and they have gathered literally under the open sky. And running relief operation for the huge number of disorganised people has become a challenging job.

Local people and people from districts across the country are trying  to help them with whatever they have collected, including foods, clothes, plastic sheets and many more essentials for helping the distressed humanity. Maintaining the volunteers for organising the relief and rehabilitation activities in a disciplined way has been a gigantic task for the local administrative units. As a result, some were getting no relief at all and some were getting relief more than once.

Moreover, media reports have it that vested quarters have already started exploiting young Rohingya women and children. Many fear that women and children might face human trafficking and abduction. Conscious quarters also expressed concerns that militant groups might use the camp areas as breeding grounds for militancy. And many Rohingya refugees already have started travelling inside the country to take permanent shelter. These disturbing developments have been gaining momentum against the backdrop of indiscipline in running humanitarian activities for Rohingyas. At this very moment, we welcome the humanitarian move of the disciplined forces.

The huge burden of Rohingyas has been impacting the socio-economic situations of Bangladesh negatively and many fear that refugees may affect tourism businesses in Cox’s Bazar in the upcoming tourism season. There is no alternative to keeping their identities traced and movement restricted, and operating relief and rehabilitation activities for them in a disciplined way to keep the negative impacts the minimum and serve the cause of human rights and justice of persecuted Rohingyas the best. And Bangladesh Army is the best option for ensuring all these.