Police to get new anti-terror unit

Ahamed Ullah

3 August, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The government is forming a specialised unit of police to curb militancy in the country.


Styled ‘Anti-Terrorism Unit’, the new police squad may start functioning in October this year.


Sources said the government is forming the special unit giving it the jurisdiction to combat terrorism and militancy anywhere in the country.


This specialised police squad will use advanced technology and weapon to curb militancy and terrorism.  


The initiative to form this new unit was taken several years ago. But the idea got a shape recently due to increased militant activities in the country.


Sources at the police headquarters said the ‘Anti-Terrorism Unit’ will be formed initially comprising 571 members headed by an additional inspector general.


The proposal to create 571 posts for the new unit will be approved at the next meeting of secretaries committee on administrative development, sources said.


Sources at the police headquarters said the Ministry of Finance has already given consent to the proposal for financial matters with regard to the ‘Anti-Terrorism Unit’.


Now the process of formation of the unit will be started, if the secretaries committee on administrative development approves it.


According to the sources, proposal was sent for buying 106 vehicles and 11 advanced equipment for the Anti-Terrorism Unit. The Ministry of Finance has given consent to the purchase of 41 vehicles and 11 equipment.


Contacted, Sahely Ferdous, assistant inspector general (AIG), media and public relations of Police Headquarters, confirmed the matter to  daily sun and said, “We’ve already got the nod for forming the new unit. If everything is all right, it will start functioning soon.”


“The unit will work across the country. The main focus of the unit will be to eliminate militancy from the country,” she added.


She also said all the members of the unit will come from the police force. The unit will use latest weapons and technology.


The members of the unit are: one additional inspector general, one deputy inspector general (DIG), two additional deputy inspector generals, five superintendents of  police (SP), 10 additional superintendents of police, 12 assistant superintendents of police (ASP), 75 inspectors, 125 sub-inspectors (SI), 140 assistant sub-inspectors (ASI) and 200 constables.


Earlier, the Counter Terrorism and Translational Crime (CTTC) unit, a specialised unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), was formed in February 2016.


Currently, the CTTC unit of the DMP is the only specialised counterterrorism unit of  police. They are working for curbing militancy, cyber crimes, terror financing and mobile bank related crimes.


Several successful anti-militancy drives have been conducted by the CTTC, in which a number of top militants have either been killed or arrested.