Lack of recreational facilities

9 January, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Leisure offers an opportunity to foster self-actualisation and it provides stimulation for work. But, it is worrying to note that city dwellers have little amenities to spend a sound leisure time. A daily sun report pointed out that the hustle and bustle of this mega city and acute shortage of recreational facilities have made residents home-centric during their free time. This capital city has a limited number of parks and open spaces and most of these installations remain unusable due mainly to gross mismanagement and security concerns.

 Most parks in the capital and other cities are literally used for dumping wastes, if not encroached by vested quarters for illicit financial gains.


Broken benches or no benches at all to relax, acute shortage of greeneries and dilapidated walkways or no walkways are their common characteristics. These hardly can soothe the minds of people rather affect their boredom. And the widespread presence of unsocial elements in these places creates social tension.

In urban lifestyles, recreational facilities are not a matter of choice rather, it is a part and parcel of a healthy leaving. Recreation has a positive impact on health and it lowers the risk of heart diseases by relieving people from stress. A walk in the early morning prevents diabetes and reduces the risk of obesity. Experts believe that a regular habit of walking boosts the immune system.

Schools mostly do not have playgrounds of their own and there is little recreational facility for children in our poor urban setup. As a result, development of their skills including, problem-solving, creative thinking, intellectual and cognitive abilities, has been severely hampered almost without early-age outdoor physical and recreational activities.

Recreational activities help in removing identity, class and cultural barriers among people to form a sensible and inclusive society and thereby contribute to reducing crimes. These reduce the cost of traditional healthcare by helping in the development of a healthy nation. So, investment in the development of parks, open spaces and other recreational facilities is synonymous with investing in a healthy country. Effective steps should be taken for ensuring recreational faculties for all in urban areas.