Patriotism in Islam

Md. Abu Talha

23 December, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Patriotism in Islam

Patriotism is a great virtue. Loving own country and its people is a good trait of the Muslims. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh) said: “Love of your country (patriotism) is a part of your faith.” Islam does not forbid a Muslim to love his motherland/homeland or his own country in which he lives or grows up. A true Mumin loves his own country dearly. He works for securing the interest of his country. On the contrary, those who do not love their own country are ungrateful. They are guilty of treason and base character and such persons can never be truly pious and Mumin.


 Love for and attraction of the motherland is called patriotism. Love for the native country or motherland is inherent in men. Because, they born here, breathe in its air and light, and their body gets nourishment from its fruits and crops, foods and drinks. The contribution of the native land to a person is undeniable.


So, some peculiar type of love and inclination develops and the attraction and love for motherland grow at heart and they feel it throughout their lives. Even in case one goes abroad for business purpose, this feeling of patriotism does not diminish. Rather, this feeling of love and respect for his native country pervades his imagination. This feeling of togetherness and attraction is what is called patriotism.


Patriotism and service to one’s motherland is similar to Ibadat.  Allah, the Most High, shall grant huge reward to the protectors of the homeland. Rasul (Pbuh) said in a Hadith, “To keep awake in the border to protect the homeland in Allah’s way is better than all the treasures between the heavens and the earth.” (Tirmiji).


Patriotism is evinced by working in the interest of motherland. Motherland can be loved by defending its independence, contributing to its development, not helping anyone in subversive activities, by the maintenance of national resources, self-sacrifice in the interest of the country etc. The best form of patriotism is to sacrifice one’s life for the welfare of motherland.


We shall love our country. We shall build ourselves as impressive and competent citizens through education, training, learning and other virtues. We shall work united for the development of our country. We shall not allow any anti-state activities to happen. We shall properly utilise our national resources. We shall not waste, misuse and destroy these resources. We shall not hesitate to sacrifice our lives when it is needed for the defence of our motherhood.


The writer is a religious teacher at Core Care & Coordinator of Mentor English Language Institute, Kushtia