Britons sceptical on govt Brexit strategy

1 October, 2016 12:00 AM printer

LONDON: Only 16 percent of Britons think the government is doing well on delivering Brexit while another 16 percent think Britain will end up not leaving the European Union, according to a new poll published on Friday, reports AFP.
A majority of those surveyed (50 percent) thought the government, which has revealed virtually nothing on its strategy so far, was doing badly on Brexit, the online YouGov poll for The Times newspaper found.
That included 22 percent who thought the government had been doing “very badly” since the shock June referendum to leave.
Prime Minister Theresa May has said only that she will not invoke Article 50 -- the start of the formal exit procedure—before the end of the year and that she wants to curb immigration from the EU.
Asked whether Britain would end up leaving the bloc, 67 percent of the 1,658 respondents said it would, 16 percent said it would not and 16 percent said they did not know.
Among people who voted to stay in the EU, 20 percent thought Britain would not leave the EU.
Asked about May’s performance more than two months in the job after she took over from David Cameron, 46 percent thought she was doing well overall. But only 32 percent said that she was likeable.
Foreign minister Boris Johnson, once seen as the most likely choice for prime minister and a key voice in the Brexit campaign, had only 29 percent approval.