Dearth of food sickens wildlife in Barguna | 2016-09-23 |

Tengragiri Eco-Park

Dearth of food sickens wildlife in Barguna

23 September, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Dearth of food sickens wildlife in Barguna

BARGUNA: The wildlife in Tengragiri Eco-park in Taltoli upazila of Barguna district are getting declining health for non-supply of food by the authorities for the last two and a half months.
Sources said more than 50 animals in the eco-park are becoming extremely ill, with some among them as if starving to death, for the absence of food as the authorities have not taken any initiative to allocate food for them.
The eco-park was established in Sakhina Beat of the Tengragiri reserve forest during the fiscal year 2011-12, as part of the “Eco-tourism Enhancement Facilities” programme under the Ministry of Environment and Forest.
There are 10 deer, 25 pigs, three leopards, 25 pythons, two crocodiles, more than a hundred monkeys, two hedgehogs and many others species of animals in the park and food supply for them is arranged by a contractor.
But no foods have been provided for the animals since the month of July, keeping their lives in danger.
However, the animals are somehow keeping the body and soul together with only the scanty amount of foods provided by the visitors and forest employees.
Officials concerned of the forest feared that if the situation continues for a few more days, the animals will surely start dying.
Yunus Farazi, Sonakata UP chairman, said the government had not allocated money for the animals’ food since the month of July and they have managed some foods under their own arrangement but that is not enough for the animals.
Ajit Kumar Rudro, an official of Patuakhali Forest Department, said the annual food supply for the animals ran out in June and no further allocation was made by the higher authorities since the fiscal 2016-17 started.
But the local forest department is trying hard to save the animals through managing food.     —  UNB