Campaign to protect rights of children beings today

26 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Save the Children, a leading child rights promoting organisation, is set to launch a campaign today with the fervent call for ensuring health, education and protection for all children, particularly targeting those who have not been able to benefit from development outcomes, reports BSS.
The global campaign styled “Every Last Child” will begin in Dhaka as part of the global initiatives of Save the Children to create a movement to overcome the barriers that continue to leave children behind.
It is a three-year global campaign focused on excluded children, those who have been left out of the global progress.
In Bangladesh we want to focus on children in hard to reach and remote rural areas and in urban slums, a senior official of Save the Children Bangladesh told BSS today.
Under the campaign with the slogan “no one will be left behind”, Save the Children will urge the government to ensure health services, quality primary education and protection of children from violence for children across the country, particularly who live in geographic pockets of deprivation such as remote rural areas and urban slums.