Better to dance than beg: Indian SC

26 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

NEW DELHI: It is better to dance than beg on the streets, Indian Supreme Court said on Monday as a petition challenged dance bars in Mumbai on grounds that they are “obscene”, reports Ndtv.
The petition said what happens inside the bars is “not cultural dancing but obscenity.”
The court replied: “It is better to dance than to go to streets for begging or earning livelihood through unacceptable means. The mindset cannot be to prohibit...we are treating it as a performance of art.”
The court also said: “This is 2016. Dancing is an established profession. But if it becomes obscene, then it does not have legal sanctity.”
Hundreds of dance bars banned by Maharashtra in 2005 were given permission to reopen after the top court, responding to appeals against the ban, ordered that licences be given with conditions.
Despite the Supreme Court’s nod, dance bar associations say, the Maharashtra government has made it “impossible” to get licences.