Atletico Madrid Win Against Barcelona | 2016-04-17 |

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Atletico Madrid Win Against Barcelona

17 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Atletico Madrid Win Against Barcelona


Barcelona were subjected to a bout of Griez lightning as the France international netted twice for Atletico Madrid to send Diego Simeone’s side through to the Champions League semi-final at the Blaugrana’s expense.
But Simeone is not talking about himself. His players, his true warriors, deserve all the praise.
“There is a virtue in this team, with the great work of the four and a bit years we have been together. I’m happy for these players who have come together in this team; I’m not just thinking about reaching the semi-finals, it’s more important than that. There are fewer values in society all the time, but we are a group of honest workers who can win or lose. We make ourselves strong with the tools we have.