BEZA Chairman with daily sun

Nothing to worry over gas, electricity supply

Sohel Hossain Patwary

17 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Nothing to worry over gas, electricity supply

Assuring investors of supplying gas and electricity, Bangladesh Economic Zone Authorities (BEZA) Executive Chairman Paban Chowdhury said that there is no uncertainty over the supply of gas and power in the economic zones across the country.
“Apprehension always remains in all spheres of life. So, there is no worry for the investors in investing in the EZs”, he told daily sun.
BEZA chairman said that the government is well concerned about the issues like supply and demand of gas and electricity and they are working towards the issues. He urged the investors not to worry but come up with their investment in the economic zones.
Mentioning the growing interest of the investors, BEZA chairman said that investors from across the globe are showing their interests in the economic zones. “Individual investors, especially from far-east and south-east are showing interest and continuing consultations with us. EZs will be able to attract huge investment in the country which will boost the country’s economy”, said Paban Chowdhury.
Alongside the individual investors, five economic zones have been selected for three countries. BEZA selected two EZs for Japan, two for India and one for China.
BEZA Chairman also said that the door for investment has opened now and after one year they will get the real picture of investment in the economic zones.
“It is just the beginning. The volume of interest of the businessmen and investors, and the EZ users will grow in the future”, he added. Viewing the reality he said that “The process is on, but it does not mean that all the investors who show interest can invest in Bangladesh.”
The market is more competitive. Investors will invest after examining all the indices, he said.