Ten Economic Zones at a Glance

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Feb 28 inaugurated development work of ten EZ

Abdul Monem-Economic Zone

17 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

To become the global ambassador for Bangladesh, the Abdul Monem Ltd is establishing an economic zone at Gojaria of Munshiganj over the 216 acres of land with the option to expand to over 300 acres.
This EZ will host textile, garment and accessories, leather products & shoe industry,    pharmaceuticals, food processing, plastics & other consumer goods, machinery parts and light engineering automobile and accessories etc.
It was awarded the Pre-Qualification license from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) on 6th June 2015 for developing the EZ.
AMEZ has both the road and river connectivity. It is located at the gateway to Dhaka only 37 km and situated directly on the bank of the river Meghna.Having world-class infrastructure, AMEZ will have industrial plot for long-term or short-term lease.
Aman Economic Zone
Aman Group is going to build up the EZ-sixth such special economic hub approved so far in the country under private sector-in over 90 acres of land in Narayangonj.
Aman Group Limited, which has industries related to cement manufacturing,  poultry, cattle and fish feeds, packaging, foods and beverages, steel mills, power plants and shipyard, will host industries of same kinds from the private sector.
Aman Economic Zone will complete their work by the end of this year, once completed; the zone will create about 20,000 employments.
Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) has awarded pre-qualification economic zone license to Aman Economic Zone on February 15 last.
AK Khan Economic Zone
AK Khan Company Ltd. (AKK) is developing a Private Economic Zone namely  A.K. Khan Private Economic Zone (AKPEZ) on the left bank of river Sitalakkhya at Polash in Narsingdi with a River Side Inland Container Terminal (RICT).
Over 200 acres of land, this EZ is located approximately 56 km northeast of Dhaka city which is expected to create employment for more than 100,000 workers.
It will mainly host multi-sector industries such as mobile handsets, pharmaceutical, agro-based industries; digital equipment, electrical appliances, BPO operation, electrical equipment; plastic products and IT related services such as call centers.
The Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority issued the pre-qualification license to the local conglomerate on November 26 last.
Bay Economic Zone
The special economic zone is being developed over the 65-acre of land at Konabari of Gazipur alongside the Dhaka-Tangail highway.
Bay Group is developing the SEZ which received pre-qualification license from Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) on February 11.
The Bay Economic Zone is expected to start its operation by March 2017, and once completed, the zone will create about 100,000 jobs. The company has also a plan to purchase additional 40-acres of land later.
The SEZ is keen to host leather products, footwear accessories, agro-based industries, IT, electronics and light medium equipment.
Meghna Economic Zone
Meghna Economic Zone (MEZ) is located at Meghna Ghat, Sonargaon, Narayangonj which is adjacent to Dhaka-Chittagong highway and on the bank of the river Meghna.
Meghna Group of Industries is developing the EZ on 245 acres of land.
It will host pulp and paper, tissue, sanitary napkin, baby diaper, power plant, oil refinery, flour mill, PVC plant, petrochemicals, ceramics and LPG plant or any other industry at the choice of the investor.
Estimated cost of Infrastructure is $170 million for Onsite Infrastructure and $5 million for Offsite Infrastructure. Besides, employment opportunity is expected to be created more than 20,000.
Meghna Industrial Economic Zone
The private economic zone is situated at Sonargaon of Narayangonj district. The Meghna Group of Industries is developing the EZ on 80 acres of land.
The approximate expenditure of this EZ is $124 million and it is expected to create employment for 10 thousand people.
This EZ will suitable for pharmaceuticals, ceramic, garments accessories, auto bricks, beverage, IT, IT accessories industries.
Mirershorai Economic Zone (Phase-1)
Mirershorai EZ is a fully government economic zone over 7000 acres of land. BEZA is developing the EZ in Mirershorai of Chittagong near to Chittagong Port.
The government has a mega plan over the Mirershorai EZ as it has the opportunity to attract more investors in and outside the country.
BEZA said that it will suitable for garments and garment accessories, integrated textile, automobile accessories and shipbuilding industries.  
Mongla PowerPac Economic Zone
Mongla PowerPac is a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model EZ. PowerPac, a concern of Sikder Group, got the permit to develop and operate the EZ.
Mongla Economic Zone has gross area of 205 acres near the Mongla Port. The site is suitable for RMG, jute, food processing, shipyard etc.
Construction on the site is expected to be completed by 2018 and the plots are likely to be available from 2016. Electricity supply is available at site.
Sabrang Tourism EZ
The government is establishing first economic zone in the country at Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar to boost the tourism sector.
The SEZ is developing on 1050 acres of land with the finance of the World Bank.
BEZA source said that this EZ will build hotel, eco-tourism, recreation tourism, business tourism, sports tourism, water tourism, health and education tourism. The EZ will open for the tourists in 2018.
Srihatta Economic Zone
It is also a PPP model economic being developed at Moulvibazar of Sylhet. It is being developed on 352 acres of land just beside the Dhaka-Sylhet highway.
The main features of this EZ is fully government owned land, suitable for diverse sectors, minimum resettlement, accessible to India, Nepal, and Bhutan and linked to national highway.