Banglalink declares Compliance Week | 2016-04-03 |

Banglalink declares Compliance Week

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3 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Banglalink declares Compliance Week

Banglalink has declared the first week of April 2016 as the Compliance Awareness Week. Banglalink believes that this initiative will set an example for others in the industry to follow.
As the country moves toward the digital revolution, Banglalink, the second largest telecom operator in Bangladesh is also shaping itself to be prepared for this journey.
It also believes that digitalization has its enormous opportunities and comes with some risks too.
Compliance, being one of the key drivers for a sustainable business growth in digital space, Banglalink believes the awareness and practice of ‘compliance’ needs to start from within the company and eventually will spread out to all the avenues a digital company has to work including its business partners.
For a company to be competitive and agile, the employees also need to be highly efficient. Having well defined processes, taking best compliance practices from around the world, getting oriented to the latest technological advancements would make them prepared for being better professionals. Banglalink aims to enrich its employee’s capabilities through running awareness of these initiatives.
Banglalink’s Code of Conduct (CoC) sets out Banglalink’s business principles together with guidance to explain how they apply in practice to every Banglalink employee.