Job-oriented education

3 April, 2016 12:00 AM printer

That the enrolment in technical education has increased by 130 per cent in the country in the past seven years, is indeed a piece of good news. According to Directorate of Technical Education, the enrolment of students in technical education was 445,359 in 2008-09 session while it rose to 1,018,020 in the ongoing 2015-16 session following the government endeavour for job-oriented technical education. The government has started establishing technical schools in 100 upazilas in the first phase and has already established three new engineering colleges and four polytechnic institutes in different districts. Surely, all these steps are encouraging development towards promoting technical education in the country.
The country is now on the threshold of crossing over to the middle income country status. For this to happen, the country needs a sound technical base of working masses. The surge in the technical education will help achieve the lofty objective.
Bangladesh is among the leading manpower exporting countries in the world. Presently there has been a worrisome downtrend in the manpower export from Bangladesh to destinations that used to be our hot favourites, mostly because our workers lack job-oriented technical education. Meanwhile, the country has achieved a lot in terms of providing education to its largely backward masses during the last four decades.  Now it desperately needs more technically educated human resource for overseas job markets.
As the country depends substantially on the remittances sent by its overseas workers, the importance of this sector demands a planned and well-researched approach for this industry, not in the haphazard way performed in the past. The government has also made a laudable move towards speeding up the country’s transition into a tech-savvy nation. Government’s efforts of providing technical education should be job-oriented in consideration of demands in the overseas job markets so that our workers can bring more dollars for the country.