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Skiing Vacation Workout

29 March, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Skiing Vacation Workout

There’s nothing like hitting the slopes and feeling the wind rush by you as you elegantly swoosh down the mountain side. But a day of skiing can leave you sore and stiff if you aren’t prepared for it. While you shouldn’t abandon your usual fitness routine, try incorporating these moves for some added strength training.

Squat jumps: Take your squats to the next level by adding a jump. Start standing with your feet a bit wider than hip distance apart, toes pointing forward. Bend your knees until you are in a deep squat position without letting your heels lift off the floor. Take a breath and, on your exhale, use the power in your legs to shoot your body into the air. Try to land softly on your feet while bending your knees to absorb the impact of the jump. Repeat 20 times. This is a great exercise that works your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and helps to improve your cardio.

Back extensions: We often forget about our back muscles, but they are an essential part of the muscle group that makes up our core. Lying on your stomach, place your hands under your forehead. Inhale and, on your exhale, lift your head, shoulders and chest off the floor in a long line. Hold the position. Reach your arms out to the sides for four counts, return your hands to your forehead and lower your torso back to the floor. Repeat 15 times. You can also do this exercise on a Swiss ball. This exercise works your abdominals and your back extensors.

Side-lying leg lifts with band: You will need a medium weight resistance band for this move. Simply tie the band around your ankles so there is some tension. Lying on your side, lift your top leg as high as you can without moving the rest of your body. Do 15 small pulses and return to your starting position. Repeat on the other side. Do each set three times.
Bonus: If you have more room, try standing with your feet hip distance apart, toes pointing forward, with the resistance band around them. Step sideways to your right. Do 15 steps (or as many as you can, room permitting) and then move to your left. Repeat each sequence three times. This move works your hip muscles and they will thank you for all the side to side movements you’ll be doing as you work your way down the slopes.