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‘Mahbub walked out of EC meet to create controversy’

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman     21 October, 2018 12:00 AM printer

‘Mahbub walked out of EC meet to create controversy’

Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder walked out of meetings of the Election Commission and submitted ‘notes of descent’ to trigger controversy.

Three other election commissioners advised Mahbub Talukder not to submit a ‘note of descent’.

Mahbub walked out of the 36th meeting and is going to visit the United States of America during a crucial time for the commission.

Ten minutes after the beginning of the meeting at the EC office with Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda in the chair, Mahbub Talukder issued a ‘note of descent’ and left the meeting room.

Mahbub walked out of another meeting of the commission on August 30, issuing a ‘note of descent’.

His US visit ahead of the announcement of a schedule for the next general election has drawn flak from various quarters.

The EC thought that Mahbub’s five proposals for a fair and participatory election are unconstitutional. So, his proposals were not included the meeting’s agenda.

Election Commissioner Md Rafiqul Islam said Chief Election Commissioner  KM Nurul Huda informed all election commissioners of his proposals.

“After reviewing his proposals, I think these are unconstitutional and not worthy for discussion at the meeting,” he said.

“Then we (three commissioners) gave unofficial (UO) note to the CEC against his (Mahbub’s proposals,” he added. 

“Mahbub raised a question on the 36th meeting that why his proposals are not brought under the meeting agenda? The CEC then said you can discuss your matter in miscellaneous time. Let’s talk about other issues,” he said.

At one stage, Mahbub did not agree with the CEC’s proposal and pull out a ‘note of descent’ from his pocket and read out it, said the commissioner.

It means he deliberately went to the meeting to give a ‘note of descent’, he said.

Election Commissioner Kabita Khanom has termed his colleague Mahbub Talukder’s proposal to bring the government executive wing and a ministry under the Election Commission ahead of the general polls is unconstitutional.

Kabita said the executive organ of the government is vested in the Prime Minister by the Constitution of Bangladesh.

Mahbub Talukder advocated for bringing various ministries, especially public administration and home affairs, under the commission ahead of and during the election.

Mahbub’s proposals for a discussion about army deployment in the election are yet to come, she said.

Criticising Talakder’s ‘note of descent’ at the meeting, she said nothing happened for giving such a ‘note of descent’ as no decision was taken from the meeting in this regard.

She also said that there was no necessity to hold dialogue with the government and the EC does not have enough time to hold meetings again with political parties.

She, however, said the incident of boycotting an EC meeting was not affected in regular work though some refraction was created outside.

In another development, the EC is likely to finalise a schedule for the next general election at a meeting this week.