Apple Watch Series 4: Fabulous And Functional | 2018-10-18 |


Apple Watch Series 4: Fabulous And Functional

Reviewed By Magazine Desk     18 October, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Apple Watch Series 4: Fabulous And Functional


The original Apple Watch, released in April 2015, was very impressive. Three and a half years since then, it has now released the biggest upgrade to the Apple Watch since its conception: the Apple Watch Series 4. The new Series 4 looks a lot like earlier Apple Watches, but when you turn on the screen, you witness a brand new experience.


The Series 4 looks almost indistinguishable from the previous models. The rectangular form and curved sides, as well as the two buttons on the right side are still here. What’s new is that the digital crown now provides haptic feedback with every turn of the wheel, and this is a very nice little touch.

The back of the watch is now made out of ceramic, a much more scratch proof material. And neatly, the actual thickness of the Series 4 has gone down a bit, so the watch sits a bit closer to the wrist. And while the screen size on the new Series 4 has increased by more than 30%, the actual physical size remains the same.


While for many people, the Apple Watch is a great daily companion for notifications and calls, and just for style, for many others, its true value lies in the accurate and effortless activity and health tracking features. Tests have shown that heart rate monitoring accuracy of the Apple Watch is very close to the readings from a dedicated chest strap and this is impressive. On the Series 4, you get more consistent readings with fewer errors than before and readings happen very fast.


Unlike many other smartwatches, there is something else that will strike the users about the Apple Watch in the context of its fitness tracking functionality: its comfort. The velvety, smooth sports band is durable, but also extremely well made and a pleasure to wear for long hours.