Masterpieces Of Renowned Printmakers On Display | 2018-10-05 |

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Masterpieces Of Renowned Printmakers On Display

    5 October, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Masterpieces Of Renowned Printmakers On Display

A two-week long mega print exhibition titled “53 Graphics From Bangladesh And India” will close today at Gallery Kaya. In this exhibition, print artists from India and Bangladesh have exhibited a selection of their works. Total 53 works done in lithograph, etching, aquatints, woodcut, linocuts, dry print, silkscreen and serigraph on paper have been showcased at this fest.

Printmaking is a strenuous, stimulating and stirring medium of exercising art. It offers a wide opportunity for re-thinking, re-examining and re-working. In this sub-continent, the practice of printmaking received vast popularity in the beginning of the 19th century. Printmaking – a method that employs woodcut, etching, aquatint, linocut, lithography, dry point, serigraph, engraving etc. to transship images into paper – is past the days when it required hard labor on the part of the artists. At present, it enjoys an afterlife as a medium of art. This print show carries a distinct trait by displaying a number of excellent works of some highly skilled Indian printmakers and several Bangladeshi technically advanced printmakers.

At the mega show Indian printmaker MF Husain’s two prints denote a number of archetypal horses with vigorous movements. Then, Haren Das’s etching portrays a carnival of a pastoral area in which villagers are gleefully assembled at a moonlit night. After that, Somnath Hore’s two lithographs feature parts of human body, bones, unshaped forms, slits and holes with a blood-red background. And K.G. Subramanyan’s flexibility of expression and richness of visual language evolve from the diverse materials. Two of his prints (done in black and white) project a condition in which humans are apparently in confusion and disarray. Amitabha Banerjee has portrayed a woman in the background of a damp and salty wall.

Two lithographs of Shahabuddin Ahmed depict a man moving forward. The artist focuses on the perpetual strength and power of the people of Bengal. Through his works, he tries to highlight the gallantry of our freedom fighters and their patriotism. He also draws fearless figures and their bold movements. The artist has used space to increasingly interact with figures and his effective and aesthetic use of space brings a sense of serenity to both of his lithographs. Apart from that, many other attention-grabbing works of the prominent print artists are on display at the exhibition. 

The exhibition was inaugurated by eminent artist Monirul Islam while eminent writer Anisul Hoque was present as special guest at the ceremony on September 21, 2018.