Bumper boro output boosts rice stocks | 2018-09-21 | daily-sun.com

Bumper boro output boosts rice stocks

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman     21 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The bumper production of Boro has helped the country’s rice stocks to reach a record high.

The government has almost achieved its rice procurement target in the current Boro season due to bumper output of the staple.

The total stock of food grain has now reached 15.78 lakh metric tons - 13.42 lakh metric tons of rice and 2.36 lakh metric tons of wheat- according to the latest food grain report of the Ministry of Food.

The Directorate General of Food (DGoF) has been able to procure around 13.96  lakh metric tons of rice - mostly from 8,500 millers.

DGoF Deputy Director (Procurement) Saiful Kabir Khan told the daily sun that they have procured around 11.49 lakh metric tons of boiled rice, 1.49 lakh metric tons of aatop rice and 27,000 metric tons of paddy in the current boro season.

The DGoF had set a target to purchase 14 lakh tons of rice, including 11,50,000 metric tons of boiled rice, 1,50,000 metric tons of non-boiled (aatop) rice and 1 lakh metric tons  of paddy in the current boro harvesting season from May to September.

Saiful Kabir Khan said they have revised the boro procurement target due to bumper production of the staple and they have almost achieved the target by September 15.

The lucrative price-offer has helped achieve the government’s rice procurement target in the boro season while millers and farmers also benefited from this. 

The government has also imported more than 0.95 million tons of the staple in 2018, the official said.  

Boro production reached an all-time high, hitting a 1.97 crore tons output this year, according to DAE.

The rice stock was around 14 lakh metric tons in September 2011, according to the DGoF.

The directorate has been operating its open market sale (OMS) of rice and flour in every district headquarters.

Rice is selling at Tk 30 a kg and flour at Tk 18 a kg under the OMS truck sale programme.

This year, Boro output has exceeded all-time high in the last 47 years, official statistics show.

According to the statistics, Boro yield was 1.84 crore tonnes in 2016-17 fiscal year while it was 1.90 crore tonnes in 2015-16, 1.91 crore tonnes in 2014-15, 1.90 crore tonnes in 2013-14, 1.87 crore tonnes in 2012-13 and 2011-12, 1.86 crore tonnes in 2010-11 and 1.83 crore tonnes in 2009-10.

Last year, Bangladesh saw the lowest production of the staple crop due to flooding in the country’s northeast region.

Contribution of Boro to country’s around 35 million tonnes annual rice production is more than half of the total output.