Deshbangla stages Kalindi at Mahila Samity today | 2018-09-21 |

Deshbangla stages Kalindi at Mahila Samity today

Culture Desk     21 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Deshbangla stages Kalindi at Mahila Samity today

Popular theatre troupe of the country, Deshbangla Theatre will stage its much-acclaimed production Kalindi at Nilima Ibrahim auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samity in the capital today at 7:00pm.  

Written by Nattacharya Selim Al Deen and directed by Rashidul Islam Raja, the play stars Godhuli Mehazabein, Madhobi Lata, Shohag Dhor, Manik Sarker, Sohanur Rahman, Annoor Rashad, Rahatul Habib, Shahriar Khan Emon and Uthshob Boiragi and others.  

In the story of drama, Kalindi, daughter of a religious family, Far Floating Singer All her life, surrounded by psychosis hinges. But the flow of artistic love flowing in the armpits prevented him from moving towards life. He came out of the way to break the division of life and the princess’s love. Artist and traveler Alal Gayen said the people in the country were tourists. Kalindee had two legs after which the singer accepted the inspiration for his art form.

Kalindi kicked love. But Gayen travels in the middle of the middle, and the pier has a murid. Looking for greater happiness in life in the darkness of Hereafter and the grave. His songs and pearl-lit room lighting ceased. The industry has broken. Wound is Kalindi’s life. Kalindee gave rise to self-destruction in Pir Puja’s continued music.

The obvious conflict in the Bangla culture and the extremist religionists increased relevance to Kalindi.