German Theatre Troupe Stages Play In Dhaka | 2018-09-21 |

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German Theatre Troupe Stages Play In Dhaka

    21 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

German Theatre Troupe Stages Play In Dhaka

German theatre troupe ‘Die Mimosen’ staged “Josephine and the Brothers of the Wind", a play based on a fairytale about climate change, at the Goethe-Institute’s auditorium on September 18, 2018. 

In the play, Josephine, a young girl, nurtures flowers in her garden but faces difficulty when rain does not fall for a long time. She leaves no stone unturned to find water by herself and save her garden. She approaches scientists, politicians and many others to seek help, but to no purpose. After that, she makes a journey in the mountains where she encounters ‘Fire’ and ‘Rain’. But they say that they cannot help her unless she finds their brother ‘Wind’. Thus Josephine continues her journey, until she can finally rescue ‘Wind’, who has been imprisoned by a profit-oriented water vendor. Actress Stephanie Siebers played the role of Josephine while actor Kai Meister alone played all the roles of scientist, politician and others.

While introducing the theatre group “Die Mimosen“, Goethe-Institut Bangladesh’s director Dr. Kirsten Hackenbroch focused on how the interaction between art, science and education can play a significant role in triggering in-depth discussions regarding our current global challenges.

Founded in 1988, ‘Die Mimosen’ has developed more than 20 theatrical productions and projects. Since 2007, they have been working on a wide range of projects and workshops for children, adolescents and adults. They particularly work on the topics that the group considers as socially relevant.