Paintings Depicting The Beauty Of Eternal Bangla | 2018-09-21 |

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Paintings Depicting The Beauty Of Eternal Bangla

    21 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Paintings Depicting The Beauty Of Eternal Bangla

A fifteen-day-long group art exhibition titled ‘Mrinmoy Bangla' by artist Juton Chandra Roy, Suman Kumar Sarkar, Kamruzzoha and Maneek Bonik will close today at Gallery Cosmos, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Bangladesh is an alluvial land and its open and beautiful nature is the first lesson of art for many artists. Here many contemporary artists start their career by painting the pictures of the country’s natural surroundings. In the same way, these four artists have attempted to explore the beauty of eternal Bangla through their exceptional paintings.

The exhibition has showcased total 45 paintings of the artists which depict the old town of Dhaka, ethnic Santal villages and nature of rural Bangladesh. Though they have used transparent western water colour, the views and scenery in the paintings visualize the typical rural Bangla very vividly.


Artist Kamruzzoha’s works hint at a playful splash, as if the light of the sun shines besides the shadow. They reflect a brilliant picture of eternal nature as eulogized in poetry and as encountered in the real life. Then, Juton Chandra Roy’s subjects include both village and city. He explores the medium to depict the stark intensity of sunlight over mere light. People, animals, vehicles, homes etc. populate his works, which are the offspring of his realist meditation. After that, Suman Kumar Sarkar has exhibited the eternal ties between the soil and the fate of the people who dwell on it. Even the untrained eye can read the chemistry between water and soil through his works. Finally, Manik Bonik’s works are the most wet and colorful ones. Nature in the monsoon is his main subject. He also displays an impressionist ethos through his works while his use of color is extremely outstanding. A noted art critic has described him ‘as a prisoner of nature’.

Panpimon Suwannapongse, ambassador of Thailand to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition on September 07, 2018 while eminent artist Kalidas Karmakar graced the occasion by his presence.