Jeff Bezos rockets to richest person on planet | 2018-09-06 |

Jeff Bezos rockets to richest person on planet

    6 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Jeff Bezos rockets to 
richest person on planet

SAN FRANCISCO: As Amazon became the second US firm to hit a trillion-dollar value on the stock market, founder Jeff Bezos regained the crown as the richest person on the planet, reports AFP.

Amazon’s share price has climbed during the year, lifting the personal wealth of the company’s 54-year-old founder with it. Forbes estimated his net worth about $166 billion. He has gone on record with a formula for success that includes taking bold bets,  riding change and rebounding from setbacks.

“You need to be nimble and robust so you need to be able to take a punch and you also need to be quick and innovative and do new things at a higher speed, that’s the best defense against the future,” Bezos said in an interview published in Vanity Fair magazine last year.

“You have to always be leaning into the future. If you’re leaning away from the future, the future is gonna win, every time.”

Jeffrey Preston Bezos’s penchant for experimenting reportedly dates to a young age—with one widely-recounted story telling that he tried to dismantle his own crib as a toddler.

His mother was a teenager when she gave birth to Bezos in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 12, 1964.