Aid arrives in Afghan city after Taliban onslaught | 2018-08-20 |

Aid arrives in Afghan city after Taliban onslaught

    20 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

GHAZNI: Aid trickled into Ghazni Sunday, residents and relief workers said, days after security forces pushed Taliban militants from the eastern Afghan city following nearly a week of heavy fighting, reports AFP. 

Residents suffered food and water shortages along with rising prices for basic provisions after insurgents overran the city, torching buildings and destroying infrastructure in a battle that killed hundreds of people.

“We need this aid to survive,” said Gul Badshah, one of many in Ghazni who made their way to distribution centres Sunday, who said his home had been destroyed by two rockets during the onslaught.

Siraj Ahmad, another resident, said he was collecting aid for a neighbour whose husband—a police officer—and young son were killed by the Taliban during the fighting.