Take care of highway, urgently | 2018-08-18 | daily-sun.com

Take care of highway, urgently

    18 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The other day Road Transport and Bridges Minister assured us that homebound people during Eid-ul-Azha will have to face no tailbacks on highways. And then, soon after his assurance, the terrible news came – 22km traffic jam on Dhaka-Chattogram highway! The Eid journey has just barely begun. If the situation is that bad already, what will happen in the next few days when traffic flow will increase further?

As soon as the recent ‘Traffic Week’ ended, with which ended the law enforcement agency’s drive, unfit vehicles has been unleashed on roads and highways. The long tailback on Dhaka-Chattogram highway ensued when one such truck broke down on the road. It took around four hours to remove the truck, triggering the massive congestion. Moreover, prolonged repair work of roads and bridges at different points on Dhaka-Chattogram highway has worsen the situation.

We need no assurance, what we need is concrete and effective action. Unfit vehicles should be stopped from plying. A report in yesterday’s daily sun informs that a large number of unfit vehicles are being readied to carry home-bound people across the country ahead of Eid. Run-down vehicles are being hastily given a new makeover through painting job only. Drive against unfit vehicles should not be confined only in traffic week; it should be a continuous process.

Ban trucks, covered vans and lorries on highways temporarily. Finish all the repair work immediately or postpone for a week in order not to hamper vehicular movement. The capacity of highway police should also be increased. Why it took four hours to remove a truck that broke down on the road?

The people are bracing for a festival, not for endless suffering on highways. If the anarchy on highways prevails the Eid festivities will be overshadowed by the pains of travelling. Hope the authorities concerned will understand and do their job sincerely.