More special to win my first award, for Hichki, after being a mother: Rani | 2018-08-14 |

More special to win my first award, for Hichki, after being a mother: Rani

    14 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

More special to win my first award, for Hichki, after being a mother: Rani

Bollywood star Rani Mukerji delivered a stellar performance in this year’s severely underrated film, Hichki. The movie marked her return to the big screen after four years. In Hichki, she played the role of a school teacher suffering from Tourette’s syndrome fighting against the society, suffering prejudice. Well, the actress’ hard work has already paid off, as she has bagged her first award for the film. Rani was at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, where she won the Best Actress award for Hichki and also the Excellence in Cinema award.

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with BollywoodLife, Rani said, “It’s been phenomenal because winning an award here, where the esteemed jury was from Australia, they judged the movie and gave me the award. I feel blessed because Hichki was a special film because it was made to raise awareness about Tourette’s. Now that it has won an award, many more people will want to see it; ones who have not yet watched it.”

Making the trip to Melbourne all the more special was Rani’s two-year-old daughter, Adira Chopra. Rani said, “All in all, it has been a fantastic trip. Also because it is my first trip with my daughter to Melbourne. It just makes it even more special to win my first award for Hichki after being a mother. To win it at a place far away from your homeland, you feel all the way more connected and more special.”

Rani has won several accolades over the years, including four Zee Cine Awards, which also marked her first major win, for her role in Kuch Kuch Hota in 1999. The actress says that the feeling and emotions of the award-winning moment have not changed over the years. “It’s a very gratifying feeling when you work hard on a movie and believe in a story and the character. And people appreciate that and give you an award, you feel they are with you, in sync with your viewpoint. That just feels really really happy.”

She further added, “Films have no language barrier, they transcend boundaries. They are the universal language that binds a lot of people together around the world.          —bollywoodlife