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If you target BBA (II)

Reduwanul Hoque     9 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

If you target BBA (II)

The probable date for admission exam has already been declared and most of the universities floated their admission circular. You are at the finishing line of your university admission preparation. In the admission application, the most common problem is the subject choice, because it has a direct bearing on your future. So, must choose subjects in line with your future goal. But the reality is most of the student cannot decide which subject would be better for them. That is why I will try to give some idea that will help you choose your subject wisely.

Under the BBA faculty, there are various subjects like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Banking and insurance, and so on.

Finance, at this time, is the most lucrative subject of BBA faculty. It is a very good subject no doubt. If you are good at math, this subject is for you.

On the other hand, the prospect of Accounting is also bright. If you are student of commerce background, you already read this subject in HSC. So, you may seem it will be an easy subject for you. But Accounting at tertiary level is not as easy as HSC Accounting. Science students better avoid this subject. These two subjects emphasise on theoretical issues. Hence you will get less chance to show your creativity in these two subjects than other subjects of the business faculty. However, it is considered that these two are the boss subjects of BBA.

Marketing is one of the most dynamic subjects. If you are a curious and innovative mind, Marketing is the best option for you. In this profession you can show your creativity throughout the world. Those of you who are from science background and those who are not good at math, can keep Marketing in your first choice.

If you like teamwork and you have the mentality to take leadership then Management is the best subject for you. It's a theoretical subject, so archiving good result can be difficult. If you pursue a degree in this discipline, human resource management is your profession. So if you have leadership mentality, Management is for you.

Banking is also a very good subject. If you are interested in pursuing a career in banking sector, it is the right subject for you.

 I can assure that all the subjects under business faculty are interesting to read, but you will have to stay on a right track.

After all, I would like to quote that "without passion you don't have energy, without energy you have nothing". So, pursue your passion. Subject is not a big factor. If you can do well in any discipline, you will be successful.


The writer is an student of BBA faculty