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6 Ways to Jazz up Your Meditation Practice

    8 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

6 Ways to Jazz up Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an amazingly easy way to calm your mind. The problem is that it is hard to reap all its benefits when you have been practicing meditation for many months or years. There are countless meditation techniques and styles, yet many people give up on meditation because they feel bored.

1. Experiment with meditation ice breakers

When you have trouble practicing meditation, consider experimenting with meditation ice breakers. There are many of them to try out, but you may find your own method. Listen to relaxing music, take deep breaths, take a short stroll, or practice yoga to help your body relax before meditation. You will notice a significant difference between the sessions and fall in love with meditation again.

2. Alter your environment

If you have been meditating in your room for many days in a row, no wonder you do not feel any relaxing and healing properties of meditation anymore. Just like you cannot eat the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you cannot practice meditation in the same environment for long.

3. Experiment with the length of meditation

Some people say that 10 minutes of meditation a day are the ideal time to relieve stress and boost mood. Other people meditate for 30 minutes to feel better. Every person has their own needs. As soon as you find the perfect length of meditation practice, you might start enjoying your sessions even more than ever.

4. Try a morning or late evening meditation

If you practice meditation in the middle of the day, try a morning or late evening meditation, or otherwise. Your mind and body will get rewired from the usual meditation rut and you will not feel bored. I recommend morning meditation first thing in the morning. It is a healthy way to start your day.

5. Incorporate soothing background music

Music may be a distraction during a meditation session. However, when you choose it properly, music and meditation can work miracles together. Look for soothing music that has no lyrics to jazz up your meditation practice.

6. Keep your eyes open

We close our eyes when praying and meditating to connect to God, listen to our inner voice and feel our inner power. Many meditators, though, claim that keeping the eyes open when meditating takes the sessions to the next level          —www.womanitely.com

Sugary Foods

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