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Floral Embellishments At Your Home

Magazine Desk     16 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Floral Embellishments At Your Home

Whether it’s an auspicious day like an anniversary or a regular weekend with guests coming to your place, you can always bring the magical touch of flowers to your home to make it more aesthetic.

When we think of floral arrangements for home, our mind goes to simple vase ideas. However, there are many modern ways you can decorate your house. Flowers are available everywhere near us. They are a quick and affordable way to decorate our houses. Here are some incredible, modern ideas to decorate your home with flowers:

Apply Geometry

Yes, we can think of vases carrying flowers but this too can be done with a modern day appeal. This is where geometric shapes can really stir things up and make them more exciting. It would be like adding a bit of installation art, with flowers, in your home. You can look for folding vases, triangular or circular vases and other neat shapes.


Floral Entrance

When using flowers in modern homes, subtlety is the key. Rather than having a large, overwhelming bouquet resting on a mantelpiece at the entryway of your home, consider a bundle of minimal branches or a small collection of simple flowers to welcome your guests.


Splendid Simplicity

Since glass is such a contemporary material, flowers immediately take on a streamlined and modern appeal when they're paired with it. Glass vase is one example of a minimalist, blown-glass vessel that’s ideal for delicate flowers. It’s transparent and delicate. If you cannot find the likes of this in our country, simply opt for a small sized circular goldfish bowl or aquarium. Put stones and pebbles inside to add charm. Stick with freshly cut blooms for an elegant look.


Frame A Group Of Pressed Flowers

Remember how when we were kids we used to put random flowers in the middle of our textbooks. It’s also probably something you have done in high school when your crush gave you a rose! Well, it’s time to take it out of your textbooks and hang it on the wall, with pride! Pressed flowers don’t really belong to scrapbooks. Frame a selection of pressed flower compositions to create a feature wall that works well with both muted and colorful interior concepts.


Be A Little Crazy

Planters don’t have to be rectangular boxes. Today’s planters not only have striking sculptural designs, but they're also smart enough to help your plants breath and drain better, all while doubling up as works of art in or outside your home. You can work with thousands of ideas this way only if you are confident enough to think out of the box!


Go Minimal

Elegance is what defines you. You can create the effect of it in many different ways. You can take your old perfume bottle out for this one or you can even put all your memorable moments captured in photos on the walls.