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Fashion Queen

    16 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Fashion Queen

Though we strive to look perfect every day, sometimes it’s just not happening. Perhaps the clothes we wear are too large or too fitting or the preposterous rain has completely ruined our makeup. And of course, there are those bad hair days. No matter how consistent we are in following fashion updates or in working on them, sometimes things just backfire. However, there are some fashion conscious people who never seem to have any such problem. Wherever they go, they carry style and aplomb with them.

It could be that chic girl in your college or a celeb you admire. They seem to be on amicable terms with style every day, whether they are simply wearing a t-shirt and jeans or an evening party gown. Yep, while we're beetling about in the back of our wardrobes for the right shoes to go with our new trousers, she's already at the party, looking as stylish and insouciant as always. This could be you. Perhaps all you need to do is change some minor details. Perhaps you need to tone down the embellishments from your style or make it more vibrant. Here are some things style experts from all around the world agree on. These are things people normally don’t want to share with all except their closest people and since you are special, ‘Groove’ is about to share these style secrets with you:


Style Secrets

Brace yourself because this week ‘Groove’ is about to reveal all the fabulous style secrets that you want to know! Never put on another mundane outfit in your life again.



Obviously they do not obey but rule. The impeccable woman never adopts obvious trends. She is careful about what she wears and a celeb like Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra or Nusrat Faria will not dictate to her what to wear. While some women wait for that highly recognizable trophy purchase, the stylish wouldn't dream of appearing so woefully unimaginative. For example- think about an elegant orange kurti with the creative necklace. It’s effortlessly stylish and makes no fuss.


Take Quality Into Account 

Perhaps we have tons of clothes in our wardrobe. Yet, when we look for something chic to wear, we are at our wits’ end. This common scenario can be changed if we only take what’s best in the first place such as an ethereal pink kameez. Its soft colour and minimal white design on the shoulders make it a delightful choice for the breezy clear sky days as well as the raining monsoon ones.

Creative Quest 

The fashion squad knows what looks good and they are also aware of how good it will look on them. Sometimes both are not the same. They are not always running after brands but rather personalizing whatever they wear. Sometimes they even make up their own styles. This pretty pink and white dress with zigzag hemlines oozes comfort, fashion and creativity. It’s the sort of style that will give inspiration to fashion designers.

Playful Colours

Fashion lore has it that the stylish people are heavily into shades. They don’t simply pick a color, they mould it and contrast it with different shades such as the merging of the dark blue colour to its light blue shade. The gorgeous design setting in one corner of the dress casts a spell of aristocracy on it. It’s all about looking gorgeous without much hassle.


Model: Jessica

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Wardrobe: West Rang 

Make-up: Woman’s World

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom