Progress in N Korea but long road ahead | 2018-07-13 |

Progress in N Korea but long road ahead

UN aid chief says

    13 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Progress in N Korea but long road ahead

SEOUL: North Korea has made “lots of progress” in providing food and medical services to its people in recent years but the impoverished state still has a long, tough road ahead, the UN humanitarian chief said Thursday, reports AFP.

Mark Lowcock’s visit to the isolated country this week is the first such trip by a UN undersecretary for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator since 2011.

“If you go back 20 years or so there were very many large-scale humanitarian problems resulting in enormous loss of life and in the recent period there has been a lot of progress,” Lowcock told reporters in the capital Pyongyang. North Korea has periodically been hit by famine, and hundreds of thousands of people died—estimates range into millions—in the mid-1990s.

Nearly 30 percent of the country’s children were stunted from malnutrition in 2011 but the number has fallen to 20 percent now, Lowcock said, admitting however even the current figure is “still a higher number”.

“So there are still significant humanitarian challenges here despite the progress that has been made,” he said.

About 10.6 million people among the country’s 25 million population need humanitarian assistance, the UN said, also noting “disparities” in access to basic health services between rural and urban areas.

The UN earlier this year called for $111 million in aid to help improve nutrition, health and sanitation in the North but the programme remains 90 percent underfunded. Convincing donor states that their contributions could “save lives and reduce suffering” by providing North Koreans with much-needed food, drugs and other medical supplies would remain a top priority, Lowcock said.