Stale baked items on sale across country | 2018-06-26 |

Stale baked items on sale across country

­Mahabub Alam     26 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Stale baked items on sale across country

Stale and low-quality baked items are on sale in and out of the capital.

Health experts say consumption of such food may cause serious ailments.

Although the malpractice has long been going on, the authorities concerned seemed to be indifferent to the menace.

A few days ago, a man bought a packet of bread manufactured by New Queen Bread and Biscuit Factory at Khilgaon in the city.

The bread was made on June 22, 2018, and its expiry date was written as June 25.

But, the piece of bread got stale and insects were found roaming it.

When asked, a staff member of the bread company said it is the manager who can make a comment in this regard.

The daily sun correspondent could not reach the manger deapite several attempts over phone.

A few days ago, Jahura Islam, an inhabitant of Charpadma in Muladi upazila of Barishal, bought a packet of biscuits from a confectionary store there.

She told the daily sun over phone on Sunday that the biscuits were found to be stale although it did not cross the expiry date.

“I asked the shopkeeper to take back the biscuit, but he didn’t,” she said.

Motaleb Munshi, a shopkeeper on College Road in Kamrangirchar in the city, said sometimes he found stale bread, biscuits, cakes, chips and other items that got damaged before their expiry dates.

He said some companies replace stale items with fresh ones at times.

“We have to face criticism from the customers for selling stale foods,” he said.

Makbul Peda, an owner of a grocery at Palerchar in Jajira of Shariatpur, revealed that once a customer scolded him for selling a packet of stale ‘chanachur’ of a renowned brand.

“Its expiry date was for a month, but the customer showed me after purchasing it that the item got rotten before expiry of the date,” he said. 

When contacted, Sardar Abul Kalam, the director general of Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), for his comments, he requested the correspondent to contact the junior assistant director, Reazul Haque.

Reazul said: “BSTI conducts drives against date-expired baked items regularly.”

When his attention was drawn about Queen Bread, he said: “If anyone lodges a written complaint against the company, we would look into the matter,” he assured.